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Trip to China Part III: Hong Kong

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This is the third in a three-part series of photos from our trip to China in December. Check out Part I: Jenny & Erik's Wedding and Part II: Exploring Shenzhen!

We spent our last three nights in Hong Kong before flying home on Christmas Eve. Let's wrap it up!

While we were in Hong Kong, I tried to maintain a balance of taking photos and being present. While I don't have photos of our last meal (dumplings, noodles, fried buns, wine!) or the thirteen-story mall our hotel was attached to, I'm glad I had this camera to slow down and remember lots of little moments from the whole trip.

Hong Kong is definitely somewhere I would go back to if I had the chance. It's super crowded, but the food is great, the shopping is endless, and it's such a memorable city! We stayed in the Cordis in Mong Kok -- highly recommended!!

Thanks for reading! Back to some regularly scheduled programming next week :)