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Trunk Club for Women Review | Part I

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Trunk Club, which I've heard about through podcast ads, is a home-delivery clothing service that has been exclusively for men  UNTIL NOW. 

I decided to order from the new Trunk Club for Women for the first time, and will review the service in two parts. This post is about my experience signing up for Trunk Club and working with my stylist. The second part will be an actual review of the Trunk and what I keep or return.  

Signing up for Trunk Club

When you're first getting started, Trunk Club has you take a short style quiz, and then asks for some measurements and sizes (things like height, weight, shirt and dress size, waist/shoe/bra size  I liked that this step was thorough.)

Here's a screenshot of the style question (this wasn't mine, but I'm just using it as an example):

Ooh super fun! I'd pick top left, middle right, bottom left.

Ooh super fun! I'd pick top left, middle right, bottom left.

Chatting with my stylist

After you take the style quiz and enter some personal info, you get matched up with a stylist. Mine is Elena! She sent me a quick, personal email saying she wanted to chat when I had the chance. We played email tag for a bit, and then I gave her a call on Friday, Nov. 6. 

She asked me about my general style and day-to-day outfits. I work in a newsroom where the dress code ranges from dress-shirt-and-tie to jeans. Lots of options there! I told Elena I fall into the more casual of the two extremes  pants and a blouse/sweater, and then flats or boots. I'll occasionally wear a dress in the summer, but I don't typically wear heels or business attire to work.

Elena also asked where I usually shop, or what my favorite stores are. "DEFINITELY Loft" was my first answer. I told her I have several basic tops from Stitch Fix and Target, and I buy my jeans from American Eagle since they are the most affordable I can find that are long enough in my size. I also told her I love browsing Anthropologie and Madewell, even if those stores are mostly out of my price range.

And with that, Elena got to work compiling my trunk. 

Reviewing my Trunk

Pretty self-explanatory: Elena emailed me a link that brought me to what you see in the screenshot below. She encouraged me to try on anything I was on the fence about, but that it's OK to veto anything in my trunk if I really don't like it/already have something similar. I vetoed two items, which she replaced with two new items. Pretty cool! After my review, I submitted my trunk. 

Real preview of the items in my trunk, curated by my stylist Elena. There were 13 items in it total. Two of the items I vetoed are actually in this screenshot!

Annnnnd now I wait! The trunk took 3 business days for them to prepare  from the day I reviewed my trunk (Nov. 6) to the day it shipped (Nov. 10). The trunk is scheduled to be delivered on Thursday, Nov. 12... tomorrow! 

Check back next Wednesday for a review of my trunk!

Note: Not sponsored/paid for in any way since I literally just started this blog, and all opinions are my own. Links are just for your convenience. :)