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My new camera: The Canon EOS Rebel SL1

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Just popping in to introduce the newest member of the family — my Canon EOS Rebel SL1! *heart eyes emoji*

Some iPhone 6 photos of the little guy! Isn't he presh?

I've been eyeing this little guy for more than a YEAR now, reading countless reviews to make SURE this camera is the one for me. I knew that all I really need is a good entry-level camera. I've read this review at least a dozen times — the video is also super informative!

The Rebel SL1 has everything: it's small, lightweight and doesn't sacrifice quality while still being affordable.

Cyber Monday, plus an upcoming trip to China, prompted me to fire away! To my delight, the price dropped slightly from $499 to $459 (though I believe the price has increased back to $499.) I selected the "Free Accessories" configuration and received a tripod, memory card and camera bag with my purchase. Click the button below to see the Amazon listing! (Not an affiliate link)

I can't wait to dig in with this tiny fella! I have a few resources lined up and ready to learn from. Comment below if you know of any other good photography resources! 

Have a wonderful week!! Love, Em