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What's in my carry-on bag for China

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My trip to China with Grant's family is quickly approaching  time to start freaking out about what I'm packing! But one of my favorite packing activities (packtivities) is deciding what to bring in my carry-on for the flight itself.

Here's what I'm bringing on the plane for my 10(ish)-day trip to China:

All my favorite carry-on skin care! 

All my favorite carry-on skin care! 

Skin care

A 16-hour plane ride is no joke, especially for my finicky mid-20s skin. I can be dull and dry one day, and shiny or broken out the next. I'm packing TSA-friendly bottles of my favorite rosewater spray, facial oil serum, plus a moisturizing mask in case I have the balls to use it on a plane, and finally face wipes when I need to freshen up.  


Because of the 13-hour time difference, and since we're landing around 8 p.m. Hong Kong time, we're going to try to stay awake for the majority of the flight. WOOF. I know I'll need something to while away the hours — possibly the Cormoran Strike novels? I'll also have an audiobook or two loaded up on my iPhone (probably one of these), more books on my iPad Kindle app, and movies downloaded on Grant's iPad! 

What to wear

I'm bringing this cozy blanket that can double as a shawl and a pair of slipper socks. I'll change into comfy clothes once I'm on the plane  say hello to my super-soft Gilligan O'Malley pants from Target and plenty of layers.

"Plane Picnic" 

I first want to acknowledge how adorable the phrase "plane picnic" is. This article made me want to step up my game! I know there will be snacks and one meal on the plane, but just in case I get a hankering outside of mealtimes... I'll be bringing something salty and sweet, a few clementines and a box of coconut water.


I'm coming up with a plan to counteract jet-lag. (Did you know that NASA has a fatigue management team for astronauts? Dream job.) I'll also be following these tips for being comfy on a plane!